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I've tried many Preventative Maintenance Programs, and this one out does them all. I have a IT assets and this software helps me keep them organized/maintained . I recommend it to anybody. The customer service has been good.

Raj Prem autolinks, Madurai, India

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Aarmsys goes mobile Aarmsys has been integrated with our world class mobile platform called TaskEase. This gives the power for the user to take aarmsys to the mobile. Ask us now for a demo.
Visit for more information on taskease.
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SAADHVI Technology is a privately held software development company targeted at delivering the right software solutions for the future. SAADHVI Technology is highly committed to deliver e-Business software solutions for our valued and trusted customers. We address changing global IT trends and give companies the power to remain cost-effective and competitive in the international market by defining process around software development and resource management.

Founded in 2006 by two pioneers of software development the company has grown from strength to strength. SAADHVI Technology, with its headquarters in Houston, TX, USA has developed a global presence by establishing satellite offices in Chennai, India. SAADHVI Technology has been in the forefront of developing cost effective solutions and is poised for a successful leap into the future. This has been reflected in the increased revenues, diverse futuristic investment and customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to help you streamline IT process within your timeframe and budget. We believe automation and streamlining are the keys to efficiency and that efficiency is the key to running a successful high growth service. Staff augmentation and strategic outsourcing ensures that our clients maintain the technical edge while remaining cost-effective.


"Surpass industry metrics and become a pioneer in software development". To achieve it, we are constantly improving and enhancing the way we do business with our customer and ensure quality. We are striving to achieve this goal by rendering value-added services to our customers and clients, culminating in a tangible value for their investment. Our service delivery process has been developed in direct response to real world client problems. We work closely with our clients to understand their evolving needs and address them in product development.


We Do

Saadhvi Technology's AARMSYS is a web-based application that unifies Asset Management, Maintenance (CMMS), Asset Rental (RMS) and Operations and manuals storage (OMS), all three systems into one system. It has an in-built intelligent Dashboard that will generate your assets' productivity, performance analytic reports, and rental patterns and guide you to make strategic business decisions. You can also get alerts on upcoming and pending emi's, insurances and invoices.

AARMSYS can help your organisation increase asset life, track maintenance costs, prevent and predict equipment failures, assign and track work orders thereby improving labour productivity , reduce costly equipment downtimes, minimize investments in inventory, check for asset availability, easily book rentals and automatically generate invoices to your customers. To know more contact us today.

Ask for your Company

Specific Brochure

We understand that each industry is different; however, our system can be customized to your company structure and processes. To learn more about how AARMSYS can be a profitable addition to your business, email us or contact us and tell us which industry you belong to. We shall send a brochure of how AARMSYS has helped similar industries increase their profitability and how you can switch to AARMSYS today.

Simple, cost effective,
easy to use system, zero maintenance

AARMSYS is a web-based system. There is no need for complicated implementations or high cost infrastructure to support the application. Once you become our customer, we will provide you with your logins and you can start using it right away. It's that easy! We manage the web app so zero maintenance there!

User-friendly navigation with an
in-built intelligent dashboard

AARMSYS is built in such a way that it is very intuitive for any user to navigate through the system. Powerful search engines in each page/section cuts down the time it takes to find an item. It has an in-built intelligent dashboard that collects the data entered by the users and generates vital real-time asset related analysis reports. These reports give you the bigger picture of the performance and productivity of all your assets, asset rentals-which asset is of greater value to you, and guide you in taking strategic business decisions.

Asset Management simplified to the
core-procurement to disposal

AARMSYS covers the entire life-cycle of asset management from asset procurement -rental-maintenance- disposal. AARMSYS integrates Asset management, asset maintenance and asset rental into one system. This reduces redundant duplicate data entry and simplifies the whole process. You can manage all your software and hardware assets, ensure all compliances, get alerts on upcoming and pending emi's insurances and invoices, schedule preventive maintenances, assign and track work orders, get alerts on work order overruns, manage and book rentals- the whole nine yards!

Advanced reporting

Generate customized reports on your own to check the effectiveness of the asset through AARMSYS, based on Location, Asset Categories, Maintenance History of Individual and overall assets, Work order lists, work order Aging & Asset Tracking

Simple, cost effective,
easy to use system, zero maintenance

Once you rent out your asset to a client, AARMSYS will keep track of invoices and generate them automatically. The invoices will be sent to the client on time every time. Your end of the day procedures will be totally simplified with AARMSYS working for you.

User-friendly navigation with an
in-built intelligent dashboard

You donít have to remember client invoice details anymore. AARMSYS will do that for you as well as send alerts on pending and upcoming invoices. Nor will you miss another deadline to pay your emiís or insurances or compliances. You will be getting alerts on those too from AARMSYS, right on your dashboard or by email if you wish to have it emailed.

Asset Management simplified to the
core-procurement to disposal

Assigning work order will be fast and easy with AARMSYS. You can select the personal you want to assign the work order and send email of the work order details. Set priority and track the work order progress. No time will be wasted in communicating the assignment or details of the work order to the personal. This increases the productivity of the assigner and the assignee.

Advanced reporting

get to know the status of all the contracts and purchases in a dash board


Corporate Office

11/12, 1st Cross Street, Jai Nagar,
Valasaravakkam, Chennai, India - 600 087.
Phone: 044 - 42805969.

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